SAIT PowerMax Super Thin Zirconia Cutting Wheels



Super-Thin Flat Cutting Wheels for Portable Machines Sold in Box Qty

The POWER MAX Advantage
Two key features combine to produce one elite, high-performance wheel. The precision-focused POWER MAX
has your metal cutting dilemmas firmly in its sights.

• Steels
• Carbon steel
• Nickel alloy
• Duplex stainless steels
• Non-ferrous metals



SAIT PowerMax Super Thin Zirconia Cutting Wheels

Zirconia Grain
SAIT Abrasives new POWER MAX wheels are manufactured from premium zirconia grain, for extended life and performance. These wheels cut longer than the aluminum oxide variants, the excel in heavy-duty applications and are suitable for various materials.

Super-Thin Format
• Clean and precise cutting
• Shorter cutting times
• Less heat generated
• Minimal vibration
• Less cutting waste and dust
• Effortless operation
• Reduced machine load

SAIT PowerMax Super Thin Zirconia Cutting Wheels


Variant Code Technology Diameter
ZZ 60 T 001543 Zirconia 115 1.0 22.23
ZZ 46 T 001545 Zirconia 115 1.6 22.23
ZZ 60 T 001544 Zirconia 125 1.0 22.23
ZZ 36 T 001546 Zirconia 230 2.0 22.23



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SAIT Abrasives

Disc Dimensions

115 x 1.0 x 22.23, 115 x 1.6 x 22.23, 125 x 1.0 x 22.23, 230 x 2.0 x 22.23

Box Qty

Box of 10, Box of 20

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